CEIR Baffle

CEIR Baffle® is the open ceiling you should choose if you are looking for maximum design flexibility and superior acoustic performance combined with striking aesthetics. Read More


What if the ceiling not only changed our perception of rooms, but the actual way we experience them? Deltaceir suggests to you a new and modern design concept, where lines and shapes are indeed an expression of beauty, harmony, and perspective depth, but they also contribute concretely to improve the… Read More

Deltaceir Line

Deltaceir Line brings you an innovative and modern version of the classic linear ceiling. Its long, slender ∆-blades, taken from Deltaceir’s design, are shaped in such a way as to prevent dust deposits and therefore keep the environment in which you have installed the ceiling cleaner and healthier. Read More

Maxi reflex

Everything gets bigger, even the emotions you can evoke, with Maxireflex open cell ceiling: same exclusive design and lighting quality as Reflex but in a maxi size to deliver an architectural effect of pure majesty. Read More


The monolama grid is the most popular open microcell metal ceiling system, a “classic” of contemporary architecture that CEIR has revisited and perfected over the years to offer you, today, a more versatile and lightweight solution than ever before. Read More


The exclusive multi-cell design of Reflex was conceived by CEIR to let you delineate with grid a flowing and sinuous visual path, within which you can immerse refined plays of light and shadow according to your taste. Read More

Tetrál B

Inspired by the traditional wooden grid, Tetrál B reinterprets the open cell ceiling desing with an eclectic and up-to-date style that enhances your freedom of expression to the fullest in any context. Read More

Tetrál Inverse

Break the mold, or rather, turn it upside down with Tetrál Inverse, the open cell metal ceiling created by CEIR to bring to life the most daring and original design projects, always under the hallmark of functionality. Read More

Tetrál Line

If simplicity is the signature style of Tetrál Line open ceiling, ductility is the key through which you can enhance its design and adapt it to your vision of space and light. Linear version of Tetrál b ceiling system, Tetrál Line features parallel profiles, connected together by transverse supports… Read More

Tetrál S 15 or S 24

Tetrál S15 and S24 open cell ceilings capture the suggestion of wooden grids , just like Tetrál B, but they further emphasize the geometric dimension to imprint in your design the perception of absolute balance. These ceiling solutions are also distinguished by the practicality and quickness with which you can… Read More


Tokyo is the innovative aluminum alveolar panel developed by Ceir for laser cutting applications that require maximum precision. Read More