We are committed to building a brighter future for the generations to come, a sustainable future in which people’s well-being and respect for the environment are the drivers of progress, in which man’s works are in perfect balance and harmony with nature. To achieve this great goal, to be part of the change, we put sustainability at the heart of all aspects of our work, in the design of our ceilings, in the materials and processes we use to make them, in our choice of suppliers, and in our concern for the territory and the community to which we belong.

CEIR ceiling systems are made primarily of aluminum, a material that is an expression of green innovation and design as it is lightweight, durable, and above all, fully recyclable. The aluminum we use for our products is composed of 70 percent recycled metals (post-consumer recycling) and 30 percent recycled products not yet placed on the market (pre-consumer recycling).

CEIR’s open ceilings ensure better air quality and a healthier environment because they contain no formaldehyde or other harmful substances and are designed with an open structure to limit dust accumulation and be easily cleaned. This is particularly relevant in areas where hygiene is a priority, such as hospitals, airports, schools, universities and offices.

The contribution of CEIR products to obtaining the LEED® building certification has been extended to products made with Leaf technology and the BREEAM® rating. The points that can be achieved with our products for building sustainability ratings have allowed CEIR open cell ceilings comply with the requirements of the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) expressed by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

CEIR selects its suppliers on the basis of socio-environmental performance, undertaking to check and verify their sustainability requirements on a regular basis in order to ensure minimum impact of its supply chain. In this context, we are proud that one of our major suppliers today is among the finalists for the award of Europe’s most sustainable company.

We believe that sustainability has many facets and meanings, which is why our daily commitment is aimed not only at the environment, but also at the society and community of which we are a part. We are proud to say that all our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy, a country that protects workers’ rights and guarantees quality standards in production that are among the highest in the world.

CEIR is inspired by the principles of circular economy to minimize the consumption of natural resources and waste production. We daily adopt best practices for the recycling of production materials and scrap. In addition, we have a revolutionary aluminium coating system in our factory that minimises waste, optimises material utilisation and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

At the CEIR headquarters we are completing the installation of a large photovoltaic system that will be able to cover a substantial part of our energy needs, making us almost completely autonomous from fossil fuels. The use of clean energy, produced from renewable sources, will allow us to further reduce CO2 emissions.

5 indicators to measure how CEIR is sustainable


The first indicator to measure our company’s sustainability concerns compliance with national / european laws and standards. Example of KPI is the amount of fines received for infractors.


The second KPI measures the amounts of resources and raw materials used, the amount of waste, and the emissions result. This is an indicator that evaluates both the envroimental and economic sides of the business in order to be able call it truly “sustainable”.


What are the effects our company produces? What is our environmental impact? What safety regulations have we adapted to protect our workers? We are continuously answering these and other questions to give us a clearer idea of our company’s effects in both the social and the environmental spheres.


This KPI emphasizes aspects that go beyond our company boundary. In fact, to define CEIR a sustainable company, we consider the entire life cycle of our open cell ceilings, from the sourcing of raw materials, to final disposal.


The last CEIR’s indicator represents how our company fits into the social context. It assesses relations and impact on the local area. This KPI also shows the impact on the quality of life of our workers and the local community.


Sustainability, meant as protection of the environment but also of people’s health and safety, is a commitment that invests every resource and corporate process within CEIR. The use of high quality raw materials, the employment of renewable energy sources, the constant reduction of harmful emissions, the attention to the life cycle of our products and their impact both outside and inside the environments in which they are installed. These are all key points of a clear and shared company policy devoted 100% to sustainability, which is reflected also in the certifications obtained by CEIR.

CEIR adheres, for example, to the Repower Verde Dentro program, which certifies that all the electricity used by the company comes exclusively from renewable-source plants, with the guarantee of the international TÜV SÜD label.

Our products are made from recycled aluminum from certified sources, are in turn 100 percent recyclable, and their light weight reduces the environmental impact of shipping, so they contribute positively to promoting a circular and sustainable economy model.

In addition, CEIR ceilings are A+ classified according to the environmental certification that assesses the level of indoor air pollution caused by a given product in a building or room. In particular, CEIR solutions do not contain or disperse Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, a threat to the air and human health that spreads very easily in enclosed spaces.