About us

For more than 50 years CEIR has been offering architects and designers around the world high quality ceiling systems in terms of style, functionality, safety and durability, at competitive prices.

All our solutions are designed and manufactured in Italy, are made with the highest quality materials and processed through the most modern production technologies available today.

CEIR open ceilings enhance the design of environments, optimize ambient lighting and acoustic comfort, and guarantee maximum design flexibility in any architectural context, from large public spaces to commercial areas, from offices to places dedicated to culture and art.

But CEIR’s real added value is people and ideas: we put all the enthusiasm, creativity and know-how of our team at your disposal because we believe in your project and want to help you turn your vision into reality.


We invest in technology and people, we value relationships and gratitude. Learn more about CEIR’s world in our Manifesto.


CEIR has been in the design business since 1950, and since 1970 we have focused exclusively on the design and production of aluminium ceilings. Our products today are available in more than 70 models and 380 different finishes and guaranteed for 30 years.

Our tailor-made” approach to production is a guarantee of quality. We make our aluminium ceilings by carefully choosing materials, shapes and colors according to project specifications.

Our wide range of open cell ceilings is customizable in many details: finishes, mounting systems, grids and heights can be defined at the design stage based on customer requirements.

Passion for design, continuous “exploration” of new architectural trends and analysis of current technological changes enable us to meet market demands with innovative, unique and functional design products.

We use recycled, recyclable and long-lasting materials to manufacture our ceilings. We also pay close attention to the sustainability of the entire production process with the goal of minimizing our environmental impact.

Quality becomes affordable with CEIR: we offer our design solutions at the best market price because we want to bring beauty, functionality and comfort to every architectural project.

Thanks to the automation of the production process and our strategic location in the heart of Italy’s Northeast, we are able to reach any market, in Europe and the rest of the world, quickly and at competitive prices.

The CEIR team will accompany you step by step in the elaboration of the project, in choosing the right solution for you and the various customizations, and will always be at your disposal for any request or information.

SINCE 1950

Light is the fourth dimension of architecture and has been an inspiration for CEIR since the company’s founding in 1950. From then on, the materials we use, the design and purpose of our products, and the lighting technologies have changed, but not our drive to continue experimenting and playing with light to add dynamism and elegance to ambiences.


We start our business as glass artisans on the island of Murano, Venice. Within our atelier we offer unique art pieces such as chandeliers and artistic lights, which are universally appreciated and recognized for their high decorative and technical value.


We move from Venice to Padua, the most important manufacturing and production city in Northeastern Italy. To glass we add metal and our products evolve adapting to the style and design of the period: CEIR lighting systems now equip large venues such as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.


Our experience in metalworking and the new trends emerging in the world of architecture and design lead us to focus our efforts on the design and production of aluminium ceilings. Light is no longer just a decorative element, but is integrated into architectural elements combining practicality and aesthetics.


Our love for design and innovation drives us to undertake new paths of research and development, broadening our horizons also towards the world of art, with the birth of the Ceir x Art project and the recent collaboration with the Venice Biennale.