Vilnius, Lithuania
Deltaceir b4 h30, cell 50 x 50, module 1200 x 600, finish natural alu Clear Lack

Vinted Vilnius

Vinted’s new office is located in the Naujamiestis area of Vilnius and is structured on four floors connected by an open spiral staircase running vertically through the entire building. Each of the floors begins with its own space dedicated to gathering from which the movement develops following two circles.

Designed with the utmost sustainability in mind, the building occupies a total area of about 9,000 square metres. Inside, there are 900 workstations and 127 different meeting rooms, as well as two terraces, a courtyard, a gymnasium, a café, spaces dedicated to rest, leisure, childcare and other activities.

Light is the absolute protagonist of the Vinted headquarters, both the natural light – coming in through the building’s large windows – and the artificial light, designed to make every environment relaxing and personalised.