Colours and finishes

Whatever your project, whatever your architectural vision, there will always be a CEIR color with which you can achieve it. The coatings of our open ceilings, as well as accessories and suspension systems, are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, from pre-painted aluminium and/or steel -selected from the world’s best manufacturers – to anodized material, in matte or natural satin finish.

By combining the different finishes with the colors included in the RAL, NCS, PANTONE, SIKKENS range you can achieve the visual effect you desire, choosing from the most classic tones such as white, silver, black, or turning to more particular and innovative nuances.

The matte finish is the ideal choice for decorating interiors with sophistication and elegance in a simple and discreet way. A special finish for exteriors is also available upon request.

The satin finish is often requested for its special aesthetic and functional characteristics. The silky appearance allows it to be combined with numerous color variations, while the opacity of the material provides a pleasant feel and does not get dirty easily.

Glossy finishes ( over 50% gloss) are suitable for outfitting modern and elegant environments, this is because of their brilliance and the “mirror” effect they give back. Polished chrome plating is also highly valued for its corrosion resistance and durability.