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pannelli modulari

CEIR BdS clip-in is the metal panel resulting in a smooth ceiling surface.

Each panel is clipped into a concealed suspension providing excellent decorative and functional purposes.

CEIR BdS clip-in is available plain or perforated with sound absorbing components.

CEIR BdS clip-in features 600x600 mm modular panels, in aluminium or steel material. Wide range of perforation patterns, which can be framed with a solid border. Into the back side of the panel, it is possible to glue non woven acoustic fleece or insert acoustic pad. The standard colour range includes white and silver. Other colours are available upon request.


CEIR BdS clip-in is classified incombustible in compliance with international standards.

pannelli modulari

CEIR BdS clip-in is installed using the double concealed structure system. The clip-in system with the two profiles ensures a very stable and robust ceiling giving a trackless appearance.
Each panel can be individually removed. By means of a simple tool that is inserted between the adjacent panels, it is possible to dismount the panel with a slight downward pressure

pannelli modulari square edge
pannelli modulari beveled edge

Phisycal Data

Aluminium or galvanised steel

Thickness: 0,50 mm.

Pre-painted or enamelled


Perforated or Non-perforated


Plain or perforated

Perforation patterns: 1.50 hole, 22% opening area
2.50 hole, 16% opening area
Others, upon request
Edge detail: Square or beveled
Suspension system: Clip-in system

Product: Metal panel CEIR BdS clip-in
Material: 0.50 mm . th. aluminiun or steel
Panel size: 600x600 mm.
Finish: white or silver
Perforation: ...
Suspension: clip-in double structure
Quantity: ... sq.m.
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