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Base materials specification
Ceir open cell ceilings are made of pre-painted aluminium or steel alloys. Thanks to the quality of base materials used, which are produced according to norms EN, ASTM and in compliance with ECCA (European Coil Coating Association), the Ceir false ceilings feature either the high ease of installation and the reaction fire Euro Class A1 (un-combustible).

Generally, the aluminium or steel nails are pre-painted on both sides: a polyester paint on top side, to achieve decorative purpose, in a nominal thickness of 20 microns, a protective paint on back side. A range of alternative paint processes are also available on request, to suit highly specialised uses. The nature of these products allows for use of Ceir open cell ceilings in external applications also.

Soffittature in alluminio Aluminium as the solution
Ceir open cell ceiling systems are mainly made of aluminium. The reason of this choice is because aluminium offers many advantages to designers and installers:

light weight: aluminium weight (one third of the same volume of steel) makes very easy the transport, the mounting, and demounting of ceiling, saving the relative costs.

long-lasting and resistance: being naturally protected by a thin film of oxide highly thick and adherent (allumina Al 2O 3), it results resistant to air and weathering corrosion. It means that even without special surface protection, almost all the aluminium alloys do not deteriorate in time, are extremely durable, no requiring any maintenance;

versatility: the range in terms of chemical composition and finishes (from pre-painted, anodised material to other solutions) is so wide to meet every functional or aesthetic requirements.

aesthetics: it is surely one of the most beautiful metal, thanks to its natural colour, its light weight, as confirmed by the wide application of this material in architecture, interior and industrial design. Aluminium is, for itself nature, expression of innovation and design.

fire reaction: as for fire reaction, it is deemed to be Euro Class A1. It means aluminium does not generate toxic nor hazardous products. Besides, in case of fire, the use of open cell ceiling makes large quantities of smoke can be extracted allowing a better visibility and safe way.

Aluminium is well-known as the “green” metal, actually it is recycled by 70% and its cost in terms of energy is of one twentieth that of the first melting. This high intrinsic value of aluminium adds value to such products as Ceir false ceilings, which make use of this.

With over 30 years of experience Ceir open cell ceilings in aluminium, the “green” metal, are at service of customers and their enviroment.
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