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As for the enamelled open cell ceilings
For all the products
, Ceir supplies any customised colour, apart from the quantity requested. Actually, Ceir, equipped itself with modern painting process plant, meets every requirement coming from designers and installers, offering the widest choice according to the colours: RAL NCS SIKKENS e PANTONE.

Besides, Ceir can supply in the same finish as ceilings also the accessories for the mounting system. Generally, the enamelling process is made before assembling blades of the panels. Only the monoblade ceilings, called “Grigliati”, are enamelled after assembly not to show uncoated edges.

The enamelled Ceir open cell ceilings provide a superior colour long-lasting and may be cleaned with to common detergents.

Colori Postverniciati
Colori Postverniciati

» Ceir colour table [pdf - 219kb]
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